Comfort Quilts

Moonlight Quilters care about each other.  We show that in many ways, one of which is through Comfort Quilts.  When a member is experiencing potentially life threatening health issues, or has a spouse facing these issues, we join together to make a Comfort Quilt for them.

Blocks for our Comfort Quilts are made using a simple Rail Fence Block.  We cut three pieces of fabric cut to 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″.  Joined together along the long sides, these three pieces make a block.  The outer pieces are cut from print fabrics in a color to be determined.  The center piece is to be solid off-white or muslin and on this piece we sign our names or write a comforting message.

There will be a designated guild member who will collect, and facilitate the construction of the quilt top using donated blocks.  That person will see that the quilt is quilted, bound, and presented to the member as quickly as possible.