Membership Co Chairs: Alexis M. and Rommie M.

Rommie M.                     Alexis M.

Moonlight Quilters Guild is a non-profit community group for people interested in quilt making or those who simply enjoy quilts. As well as advanced quilters, we welcome those who have never made a quilt or those who are just starting their first quilt. Our interests range from the very traditional to modern art quilts and from handwork to fancy machine stitches.

Yearly dues are $30, due in March and prorated for those joining later in the year. $42 for those wishing to have the Newsletter delivered by regular mail. 2018-2019 Membership Form

Renew each year by the March guild meeting in order to retain all membership privileges: monthly newsletter, access to Members Only sections of the website, Yahoo Group membership, and use of your Membership Card for shop discounts.

For Members Only: To gain access to our Members Only section, please check your monthly newsletter for the password.  The password will change at the end of March each year.  If you are a new member the Membership chairs can give you this password as well.

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  • Newsletter, The Moonlight Gazette, published monthly
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