Tip – Diagonal Backing

Sometimes your backing fabric is just not wide enough to do the job!  Here is how you can use a diagonal seam to achieve a quilt back from the length of fabric you have on hand. Tip provided by Eddie Walker Quilts

Start with your length of fabric . . .  Fold fabric diagonally and cut along the fold.  You may wish to press this fold so it is easier to cut using scissors or a rotary cutter.  You will create 2 triangular pieces of fabric



Slide one triangular piece down until the desired width and length of backing is attained.




Note: Measure top to bottom and side to side through centers to verify backing will be the desired size.  Trim off ears and sew pieces together using a 1/2″ seam.

Limitation: backing size is limited to 150% of backing fabric width.  For example, if the backing fabric is 42″ wide you could create up to a 63″ backing.