Tip – Hand Basting Quilt Tops to Batting & Backing

Rommie M. shared this technique at our fall retreat.  She recommends that you view the video that Sharon Schamber has posted on YouTube called SSN Basting HD.  

Using this method you can baste your quilts in a very relaxing way.  It is especially good for quilts that are embellished.  Rommie likes the results she gets and finds that it reduces the number of tucks or creases on the back side of the quilt.TipHandBasting1

Supply List
1. Back, batting and finished tip
2. Starch your back 2-3 times
3. Two finished trim boards (from a local home improvement store) 10″ wider than the width of your quilt back
4. Scissors
5. Thimble
6. Milliners/long quilt basting needles
7. Beige or ecru basting thread (or any thread you don’t wish to use in piecing)TipHandBasting