Tip – Hanging Sleeve

Making a Hanging Sleeve For Your Quilt 

Method #1– for use with an unbound quilt
Before binding the quilt:

  • Measure the width of quilt
  • Cut a strip of muslin, or fabric to match your quilt back, that is about 1″ shorter than the finished width of the quilt. For wide quilts, you may need to cut multiple strips.
  • The length of the muslin strip is determined by the size of the rod or dowel you will use to hang the quilt.  Our quilt show requires a 5″ sleeve for bed sized quilts.
  • Use this formula:  Finished Sleeve Measurement x 2 + 1=length of fabric ( 5 ” x 2 + 1 11 ” of fabric for sleeve.

Sleeve Construction:

  • Cut one or more strip(s) of fabric 11″ x width of fabric and trim to 1″ less than width of quilt. Join strips as necessary to achieve the target measurement.
  • Press the short ends 1/4″ to the wrong side, turn under a second time and edge stitch to finish them.
  • After you’ve completed your quilting, but before binding, lay the strip wrong side down along the top of the quilt back having raw edges aligned. Pin it in place, as shown below.


  • Now prepare and stitch the binding to your quilt in the usual way.
  • You will stitch through five layers along the top edge (binding, quilt top, batting, backing and sleeve).
  • Be sure that you do not catch more than the pinned edge of the sleeve fabric as you sew the binding to your quilt.
  • Turn the binding to the back and blind stitch as you normally do.
  • The top edge of the hanging sleeve is now stitched securely to the quilt.


  • Lift the hanging sleeve and fold it back down keeping the folded edge even with the quilt top. Finger press along the folded edge and pin, as shown below.


  • Fold the bottom edge of the sleeve under 1/2″ and blind stitch to the backing fabric. (You may wish to clean finish the raw edge before you blind stitch.)
  • Your quilt is now ready to hang for display and the sleeve will never show from the front side!


A Second Method – For use on quilts that have been previously bound.

  • Cut a strip of sleeve fabric measured as described above.
  • Turn under and press 1/4″ at each short end, then turn and press again. Top stitch each end.
  • With wrong sides together, stitch long edges using a 1/4″ seam. Press seam open and center the seam on the tube you have created and press it flat.


  • Lay the muslin tube along the top of your quilt, about 1″ below the top edge. Slip stitch the top edge of the tube to the quilt back.
  • Pull the tube up to just below the top edge of the quilt. Pin in place, smoothing the tube down, and slip stitch the bottom of the sleeve. This gives slack and but ensures that the sleeve never shows when hung.
  • Remove pins from top edge of hanging sleeve.
  • Slip a rod or strip of lath through the sleeve and hang.