Tip – Nine Patch Blocks

Here are two methods that you might like to try when construction the Nine Patch Block.

Method One: Two At A Time
Barbara D. shared this method for making two blocks at a time.  The blocks will not be exact duplicates as the two fabrics will end up in OPPOSITE positions in the block.

First: Cut a 9-inch (or any size that is easily divided by 3) square from each of 2 different fabrics. Place them right sides together. Sew down two sides:
Cut them into three equal strips. Press the two sidepieces open. You will have an extra strip of each color:
Sew each of the extra strips to their corresponding sides. Press open. You will now have two squares with 3 strips each, of alternating colors:
Lay them right sides together so the seams nestle. Sew down the two sides with the seams on them:
Cut the unit into three equal strips, cutting in the direction of the seams you just sewed:
Press open the two outside pieces. You will have two extra of strips. Sew them onto their corresponding units and Viola’! You now have two Nine-Patch blocks of alternating colors

Method Two: No Waste Nine Patch Blocks
Shared by Sharon T. (These directions make one 4 1/2″ finished 9 patch block.)

Cut 2 strips-2″ X 8″ plus one 2″ square of your corner fabric.
Sew the long strips together and press to the darker strip
Cross cut the unit making four 2″ strips
Re-position as shown in image 1. Note where the extra square is placed!
Sew together as shown in image 2, and Viola!!!

#1 tip9patchst1  #2  tip9patchst2  #3 tip9patchst3
Use this chart to plan your cutting for different sizes of blocks.
Strip Cuts               Makes Finished
2″ x 8″                     4 1/2″
2 1/2″ x 10″             6″
3″ x 12″                   7 1/2″
3 1/2″ x 14″             9″
4″ x 16″                  10 1/2″
4 1/2″ x 18″            12 “