Tip-Perfect Mitered Binding

Miter the corners as you apply your binding for a perfect finish to your quilt!

1. Start by making your binding one continuous strip that measures the perimeter of your quilt plus 10-12″.

2. Attach the binding starting a few inches from the first corner securing w/backstitch or securing stitch.


3. Stitch up to 1/4″ from the edge, ending with your needle in the down position. Pivot quilt 45 degrees and stitch off the corner. Break the thread.


4. Fold the binding back 90 degrees making a 45 degree fold along the corner stitching.


5. Finger press the fold and hold secure while folding the binding straight down along the new edge.


6. Begin stitching at the edge with a securing or backstitch and stitch straight down the edge.


7. Stitch until you come to the next corner, stopping 1/4″ away from new edge and repeat the above process.

8. When binding is complete, fold to the back making sure you fill the corner with batting. Fold the back corner the same as the front. Stitch down the folds both front and back with a hidden slip stitch.